Personal Tax

At BTC, we provide a comprehensive tax compliance service to help clients satisfy their tax obligations. We assist clients with the preparation and submission of Tax Returns including all backup documentation We can also assist clients to meet their tax filing obligations in other tax jurisdictions.

Voluntary Redundancy

We are specialists in structuring severance compensation packages for client companies. This would include Group/Workshop presentations, individual one to one meetings with employees dealing with all aspects of their redundancy compensation, calculation of severance/compensation factoring in details of agreed severance terms, service levels etc.

VAT Advice

We have extensive experience on VAT legislation in Ireland through years of tried and tested experience. We have developed specialist knowledge of VAT on property which has been obtained from the significant amount of expertise we have developed on property acquisitions, disposals and property management.

Revenue Audit & Inspections

We have dealt with many aspects of these interventions on tax payer’s behalf including Revenue aspect queries, Revenue audits, Revenue investigations and appeals. These experiences have taught us how to achieve the best result for our clients through direct engagement with Revenue.

Other Taxes

We also have extensive experience dealing with other taxes including Corporate Tax, Capital Acquisition Tax, Stamp Duty etc and we can tailor solutions to your problem.